Templaria Festival 2019

Templaria Festival

Castignano, the beautiful and smiling town located in the Piceno hinterland, in the heart of Italy, is the theatre where the historical, medieval reenactment – called TEMPLARIA – takes place.

Since 1990, the Old Town comes to life in August, by offering to visitors moments of everyday life inspired to “Knights Templars”, who have left tangible evidences in history, in economics and in the Piceno village.

From the 16th to the 19th of August 2013, as usual, fascinating nights characterized by music, historical dramas, shows, fire blowing, wandering entertainers and minstrels, convention exhibits and ballets will be offered. Moreover there will be Medieval menus’ banquets in the old town’s taverns, grottos or squares.

In particular, the 2014 edition focuses on the daily life of the medieval village of Castignano in the XIII century (ANNO DOMINI MILLESSIMO DUCENTESSIMO). While the Christian world was in turmoil because of the Crusades and the history was running its course, what was happening in the village?

Castignano had to face major events and several adverse circumstances, coming from its own land and from external enemies … much more fierce than the Knights! Nonetheless, daily life was going on …

This year Festival is dedicated to Castignano people at that time, to life of merchants, craftsmen, peasants,  tavern keepers, tavern goers, lovers, poets and actors but also to the whole Castignano community, today fostering talents and hard-working people, building such a great and well-known Festival, celebrating its 25th birthday!

Templaria Festival invites all the visitors to rediscover the material history of the “Milites Templi”, by observing the actions of one of the brothers in his typical daily routine, distinguished by prayer moments, military training, economical management of House’s goods, Diplomacy’s study, control of the peasants’ job in the Chivalric order’s lands…

Castignano is waiting for you to offer you an awesome itinerant path in the magical Knights Templars’ world!!!


The mission of the “Proloco Castignano” follows the main purposes and goals that pro locos are supposed to pursue, i.e. TO VALORIZE the surrounding area, TO PROTECT local specialties and traditions, TO PROMOTE the image of Castignano, and to organize cultural and recreational events which involve all the inhabitants.
Here’s our strenghts: breathtaking landscapes, our medieval Old Town with its precious historical and artistic heritage, local crafts, the cuisine, the excellent wine, the traditional cultivation of anise, our Historical Carnival and what is now become one of the most important and accredited historical reenactment and reconstruction in Italy: Templaria Festival.