Templaria Festival

Templaria Festival 2022

Gli spettacoli dei Focus Vitae previsti al Teatro di San Pietro
questa sera andranno in scena al TEATRO DEL TAU
alle 22:10 e alle 23:35

The fascination of Middle Ages in Castignano
from 17th to 21st of August

For over 30 years, Templaria Festival presents itself as an insight into medieval life with theatre, music, exhibitions and conferences, but also stands, taverns with medieval dishes, artisan shops. Walking through the streets of the historical centre during the days when the event takes place, means to retrace the history of the Templars which permeates every stone and it is perceived in the many suggestions of the place. It means a magical plunge into the past to regain their memory, to make understandable and concrete a cultural heritage for too long remained in oblivion.

Artists 2022

templaria 2022 artisti

During Templaria Festival you can meet more than 150 artists, for the most amazing medieval re-enactment of Italy. You can find them in the squares or in the streets of Castignano.

Actors, fire-eaters, jugglers, minstrels, dancers will alternate on the natural stages of the village, in the streets, in the squares, in the alleys of Castignano in order to stage the show of the Nights from the Middle Ages. The artists’ family is a record “big family”, made up of extraordinary people, so fond of our festival, to offer you every year the best that can be admired on the national and international scene.

Our program of shows includes 2 or 3 performances of each show every night, so that moving from one theatre to another, among the 10 scattered within the circuit, you can have many opportunities to attend each of them.

We advise you to arrive early (preferably between 7pm and 8pm) so you have time to visit the beautiful village, dine and choose from the detailed program the shows you prefer or the itinerary that you like.

We are delighted to introduce our “big family” of artists, without whom it would be impossible to create the magic mood that makes us unique:

10 theatres, 30 companies, 82 shows per night, 156 artists for the largest medieval stage in Italy

17 August

18 August

19 August

20 August

21 August

Humanitas contra Pestes

The 2022 Topic

The charming Old Town will immerse you in the story of the Templar Order. Templaria takes you back in the past, the whole night is a walk down memory lane, that will help you to better understand a period  previously caricatured as dark age. Unfortunately in the publics’ imagination this period has been  labeled as “Dark Age” to describe what they perceived as a lack of quality in literature and in culture in general.  It is up to us to shed new light on the art innovation and development born during the Middle Age, often mischaracterized as a time of violence and backwardness.

Each year Templaria Festival chooses a theme to deepen. This year’s theme is HUMANITAS CONTRA PESTES.
In 1348, the Black Death decimated Europe and yet, a short distance from a moment so desperate to think of a defeat of humanity, one of the most creative and unforgettable phases of world history begun: the Renaissance.
The opportunity to evaluate similarities with recent events and to evaluate their effects on society, will allow us to approach the term “pesti”, deliberately in the plural, in all its declinations, including the symbolic and figurative ones of plague understood as fear, distrust, social separation, collective psychosis, social discomfort. This edition aims to exorcise at least the unjustified fears by inviting hope, overcoming and humanity through the languages of art and historical and scientific research and testing, where possible, to stimulate reflection and arouse therapeutic good humour.

Templaria tells a fairy tale about medieval times, it is the common link between dream and reality. It is one of the main historical festivals within the national territory.

In other words, Templaria is a festival of great atmosphere, unique of its kind. From 17th to 21st of August you can live an unforgettable experience. During these medieval nights, Castignano acts as a link between history and myth, re-enactment and theater, culture and entertainment.

In Castignano you can find the little streets and stairways where you see the craftsmen’s workshops all around working on wood carving and ceramics hand painted. You can spend your time watching the theatrical performances with dance and music. You can also walk among the lepers! Furthermore you can enjoy medieval meals, and meet friendly minstrels or brave Templar knights in all taverns.

Templaria Taverns and Dishes

For a true immersion in the Medieval Nights of Templaria Festival, you could not miss the historic taverns and their succulent medieval themed menus. Many of the dishes are accurate reworkings of ancient recipes. Deer, roe deer, hare and wild boar to taste the dishes reserved for the ancient nobles, but at the Taverna del Templare and at Faresse you can also choose between the colours, scents and flavours of the poorest but no less appetizing dishes, made of spelt, barley, legumes and wild herbs.

info point

We inform the visitors that, close to the entry “Porta da Sole” there is an info point in which you can find information about the festival in English, French and Spanish

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